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Kurt Bauer

Yesterday's post took a look at smooth Mike Gregory, so it's only fitting that today we follow up with one of Mike's costars from that era, hairy Kurt Bauer.  Kurt appeared with Mike in  The Big One and also in the 1987 Catalina Video classic My Best Buddy.  In My Best Buddy, Mike Gregory and John Davenport sneak on a bus and discover that its sexy driver (played by Kurt Bauer) has more in mind than just driving the bus.   Things happen. 
 Just one look at Kurt's chest and it's easy to see that this muscle man was something special. Hairy Kurt's 5'9" frame and his 7" cock were in big demand between 1986-1990.   In his roles, Kurt was more than just a masculine guy who liked to get his trophy polished in the gym locker room--he was also happy to bend over and take it hard.   Kurt also enjoyed success in bi movies, including the Bi and Beyond series. 

Filled with familiar stars of 1980's gay porn, My Best Buddy had lots of the era's favorite studs, including one newcomer who stole much of the show.  The movie features a famous scene directed by John Travis, in which Doug Niles gives Greg Stevens a slow and nasty fucking as he's bent over his motorcycle (pre-condom style).  With his old-school-style tattoos and that army barracks face, Greg Stevens appears to have been one of those gems who drifted into (and just as quickly back out of) the business, performing in just two movies: My Best Buddy and The Young Cadets while leaving fans drooling for more.

Greg Stevens reallly feeling Doug
Looks like Doug's really being a pain in the ass
Doug Niles takes a ride inside Greg Stevens